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Top-down game where you avoid bullets and hack things.

WASD = Controls

Q = Hack Bomb

E = Slow Time

Left Control = Throw HackerBots

Space = Hack


This is still really early in development and so there are sure to be many bugs and glitches. I'm trying to tackle them as I find then though. Thanks for your patience.


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BulletHack v0.1.zip 50 MB


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I can see where this could be a cool idea for the game, as said in the description, I experienced 2 main bugs, and I'll list em here in a the slight chance you haven't noticed them.

  • The controls for restarting seem to not work whatsoever
  • If you are moving while you press L-ctrl to throw those hacker bots, your character just moves on to infinity
Like I said, this could turn out to be a cool game, you may want to add pictures or something to this page to let it stand out more. I was just bored and went to play the most recent haha, but yeah, keep it up, surely it'll get better.

Haha thanks for the feedback. I ran into the restart bug like right after uploading haha. The other one I hadn't noticed and will add to my TODO list. Thanks for the feedback! Really appreciate it!