Hello and welcome to the First Access of Stacks

This is a free and simplified build of Stacks for you all to try, share, and (hopefully) provide feedback on so we can make a better game! This will be an ever changing build so we encourage you to bookmark this page and come back periodically to see what new changes we've added!


While possible to play directly in the browser, the game performs much better if downloaded and ran right on your computer.

Game Description

Place uniquely shaped pieces to raise the level of the tiles on the board. Create lines of tiles on the same level to clear them and score points. The higher the level, the higher the points you earn! But watch out, if you're not careful and strategic, you could back yourself into a corner and then its "Game Over"!

Supported Controls:

  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Gamepad Controller

Bug Reporting

To report a bug you might find you can simply click the new "Bug" icon or press the hotkey combination (ALT+SHIFT+B on windows, OPTION+SHIFT+B on a Mac) at any point to bring up a the new bug reporting form!

Provide Feedback

You can very easily leave us any feedback (positive or negative) at the Google Form link here!

Mailing List

If you happen to have gotten here from a friend's referral and want to join our mailing list yourself, you can do that here!

Contact Info:

Twitter: @StacksTheGame

Email: stacks@emberglowllc.com

Recent Changes

version 0.13

  • New Modes!
    • Arcade
      • Classic gameplay mode
    • Time Challenge
      • Race against the clock but every line you clear increases the timer
    • Score Attack
    • Zen
      • No Timers, no rush. Just blissful gameplay
  • Revamped UI
  • Added some simple user options/settings
  • Introduced a "Quick Play" menu to quickly start up a game

version 0.10

  • Removed the 5min play limit used at expos - play as long as you can survive!
  • Added bug reporting built right into the game


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